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Dr. Jimenez Biocentrism Functional Medicine Team: In an ecological and political sense, as well as literally, is a moral standpoint that extends value that is inherent to all things. It’s an understanding of how the earth works as it relates to biodiversity. It stands in contrast to anthropocentrism, which centers only on humans values.

This extends value to the whole of nature. At least two distinct concerns can drive biocentrism. It’s largely geared toward protecting humanized and sentient entities when biocentrism is focused on avoiding harm, and it is likely moderated by individual differences in the propensity to anthropomorphize character.

When biocentrism is focused on upholding the purity of the environment, it functions at a more systemic level rather than focusing on the protection of, entities that are individuated. While early biocentric beliefs and ideals have expanded through various aspects of society, which has also become the basis of ethics regarding its relation to human biomedical and behavioral research in the practice of human medicine, including natural, alternative care options, such as integrative medicine or other treatment options, such as chiropractic care. Dr. Alex Jimenez discusses how biocentric ethics can apply to health care in the following collection of articles.